I develop web applications and APIs using Django and Angular. Here are a few of my more recent projects…

iBiology Courses website screencapture

iBiology Courses

In Progress. iBiology Courses is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) targeted towards biology professionals and students. The site is built using a customized implementation of Open edX.

LBNL IGSDB project


In Progress. The International Glazing and Shading Database (IGSDB) is an important resource provided by LBNL to window performance simulators. I am currently building a web api for the IGSDB. The web application will also feature a simple user interface.

CheckerTool screencapture


In Progress. A rich web application that helps experts interact with the International Glazing Database by LBNL.

COMFEN application screencapture


A powerful yet friendly single-zone energy simulation application for architects and engineers. The desktop application integrates with EnergyPlus, WINDOW7 and Radiance to perform energy and daylighting simulations. Output is rendered in carefully laid out graphs and visualizations.

SimpleDiagrams application screencapture


My cross-platform desktop application that makes sketching and diagramming fun. You should try it.

SensorSuitcase application screencapture


A cross-platform desktop application for analyzing data gathered by the SensorSuitcase suite of tools. SensorSuitcase was a joint project between Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. I built the desktop analysis program for LBNL, shown above.

WorkZoneViz application screencapture


A cross-platform desktop application for traffic engineers to configure diagrams for lectures and training.

Past Publications

Environmental Building Science

  • “COMFEN 3.0: Evolution of an Early Design Tool for Commercial Facades and Fenestration Systems.” Selkowitz, Stephen E., Robin Mitchell, Maurya McClintock, D. McQuillen, Andrew McNeil, and Mehry Yazdanian. BESS Conference 2011. Pomona, CA, 2011.

Articles for Environmental Design & Construction magazine

  • “Seeing the Forest for the Trees”
  • “Harnessing the Sun”
  • “The U.S. Answers the Green Building Challenge”
  • “The Art of Daylighting”
  • “Environmental Building Events Sweep The Country”
  • “3 Case Studies for Improved IAQ”
  • “Virtual Office Showcases Green Technology”


  • “Blackfeet Banker’s Grant Rewards Genius for Getting Things Done.” National Banker, June 24, 1997