McQuillen Interactive is an interactive design company founded by Daniel McQuillen (more about me here ). I create rich web and desktop applications. I have a strong focus on user experience and practical, simple solutions to user needs.

I’ve worked with a number of groups to create simple and effective applications, often handling both the design and user interface as well as writing the code. That’s often helpful for budget-constrained projects that can’t afford a larger team of designers and coders.

I develop web applications using Django and Angular. For desktop app development, I’ve recently started using Kotlin and TornadoFX.

I’ve built a fair number of applications used by people interested in energy-efficient buildings, such as the Windows and Daylighting Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.

I also support groups who want to offer e-learning websites, often using Open edX. At the moment I build and manage a highly-customized version of Open edX for iBiology Courses. I’m working with the iBio team to build a custom e-Learning system for some really innovative features we plan to offer.

I am especially interested in helping organizations use technology to become more sustainable and help the world meet the challenges of climate change.

I’m based in Hobart, Australia.


Daniel McQuillen
Hobart, Tasmania