Onward to the server (or “links to CF9 resources”)

If you’re like me, you’ve been working your way slowly from the client side of things towards the server. You create your Flex apps confidently and you want that same confidence and productivity when creating the application and data layers on the server.

Problem is, there’s no language/tool combination on the server that will make you feel the same cohesiveness when developing in AS3.0/Flex on the client. Ruby on Rails + RubyAMF is nice, but not seamless. LCDS is powerful but expensive….ok there’s BlazeDS but now we’re still talking Java and stuff like Spring and Hibernate. ColdFusion 9 seems powerful but now we’re talking programming in tags, right?

I’m trying to sort out all the different benefits, drawbacks, dependencies and requirements of these different solutions (and then somebody comes along and goes, “yeah, but you know Scala and Lift are where it’s going to be at” to which I responded “uhhhh…must learn more.”)

Anyways, this post really is just a note to myself to remember that  Greg Wilson posted a bunch of links he amassed after doing a CF9 brain saturation.

And, following that, a helpful post by Holly Schinsky on data services and endpoints explained.

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