SensorSuitcase application screencapture

A couple years ago Jessica Granderson and Robin Mitchell of LBNL asked me to help their team create a desktop application for the SensorSuitcase project.

SensorSuitcase is really quite cool. It’s a suitcase packed with a variety of sensors that a retro-comissioning team can use throughout a small existing building to collect energy performance data for later analysis. I was brought on to help the LBNL team build a cross-platform desktop application to facilitate the analysis of the data generated by the sensors and admin tool.

Here are a few stories more recent stories on SensorSuitcase. It seems it’s slowly starting to get more attention:

The UI that I helped LBNL build is mentioned on page 3 of this brochure by GreenPath.

Outside of all the technical reasons why this project worked out, the coolness factor can’t be ignored. You’d feel pretty slick walking into some building and cracking open a cool suitcase full of sensors.